The Special Feature of Translink GRP Sectional Water Tank

Intensity and Durability : Glass fiber Reinforced Panel is molded under condition of high temperature and pressure to maintain the best endurance. Since using stainless steel for inside structure and HDG steel for outside, it shows best performance against erosion.

Excellent Hygiene

No corrosion from panels and prevent bacteria increasing by isolating outside light.

Heat Insulation and Dewdrops Prevention

The heat insulation panel with 3 layer structured improves heat insulation effect. Protects water from dewdrops and minimizes temperature variation of the stored water.

Water tightness
The joints are sealed with special sealing tape especially developed for water tank.

Best Size Stability

Size Stability GRP Sectional water tank panels size are changeless from the outside condition so assemble it accurately.

Various Capacity Design

Various sized panels used limited space for its best using way so can satisfy your needs.

Easy to Assembly and Transporting

GRP Sectional panels make construction time shorter, standardization panels make easier to moving, carrying in and transfer.

SKID BASE Installation

BK reseves the right to provide alternate skid base designs. BK recommedns and ideal concrete plinth size of 400mm(W) x 475mm(H) with maximum variance in height of not more than 2mm

Brif Tank Installation Process

Excellent strength, durability, water tightness, and appearance ; safe structure design

The panels are interconnected with stainless steel tie rods in the GRP water tank to guarantee the strenght of water tank

Hjghly durable and sanitary ; easy maintenance

The joint of the side panel is supported with an external reinforcement frame, the upper part, fixed with angles and oundbar stays, and the lower part. connected and fixed with brackets using bolts(the height of the tank is 3m or less)